With over 13 years in the solar industry we have seen it all, heard it all and we know solar can be confusing.

We'll cut straight to what matters most.

Products, Warranties, Price & Quality

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We Know Solar Panels

There are hundreds of solar module manufacturers across the globe, modules are made in Korea, Italy, China, USA and India. We know it's difficult to decide what's the best product for your project and to do the research on the top performers, so we work hard to do it for you and clear out the confusion. 

With us you'll always have the best warrantied products to choose from like LG, Q-Cell, Mission Solar, Panasonic, SUNPOWER, Aptos, Peimar, Hyundai, S-Energy, Canadian Solar, REC, Heliene, Jinko & Trina & the top efficient selections and the best looking panels on the market. We treat your project like it was our own. 

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System Performance

See Your Performance Anywhere!

Almost every solar inverter comes with some form of system monitoring. Some are more detailed than others and finding one that fits you is important.  A broad view monitoring platform shows the full system performance, where a micro inverter or power optimizer system will show you panel level energy output. Each one is unique and if system monitoring is important to you, we can show you how they all work. 

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Solar Battery Storage Options

Solar Battery & Storage has grown in demand and we've searched out the best brands and products for our clients. Generac PowerCell, Sonnen, Blue Ion, Humless, Tesla Powerwall, SimpliPhi, OutBack Power Systems, Enphase Encharge, LG Chem, Fortress, Storz Power and more are on the market and knowing the right solution for your situation is where we come in. Don't get a storage system until you give us a call. 

Solar Inverters

Inverters convert DC power from the sun into AC power for our use. There are numerous solar inverter brands to choose from. SMA, Enphase, Chilicon, AP-Systems, SolarEdge, Kaco and more. Some are called string inverters, other are called Micro-inverters and then there are some which use optimizers. Helping you navigate the best options for your project is where we shine. We are unbiased and fact driven to meet your needs. 

Get to Know Us

SunLyte Pros, LLC is a small custom solar firm and was created to give homeowners and businesses the ability to find solid answers fast. We know going solar can be a confusing process and we aim to eliminate those concerns. When you provide your power bill details and set a phone appointment you'll know in 45 minutes what your system quote is and you'll learn more about solar than you would in talking to 5 companies. We have 12 years direct solar design and consulting experience, with a focus on getting you the best deal possible for your system.